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Kyzox Organic anti-mosquito


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kyzox organic anti-mosquito

- ROTUNDIAL is a 100% Organic Anti-Mosquito solution

- EU Certified Biocid 98/8.EC

​- EU Certified Safe for Children - Pregnant Women and Pet

- Formulated in France

- Monthly Spray for Outdoor & Indoor

- Surface coverage: container 4 gallon = 500 square meters

- 97% Mosquito free zone

- 86% Mosquito larvae breeding eradication


- Suggested Retail Price: $30 per 4 gallon container

- This 25b product is exempt from registration with the United States Environmental Protection      Agency under FIFRA regulations.

Warrior MoskiFree is the ideal organic solution to keep mosquito away from Home, Hotel Resort, Public space and Residential Village

kyzox organic anti-mosquito



Warrior MoskiFree Organic Anti-Mosquito can be spray by professional or homeowner without wearing any protective gears or even mask.

kyzox organic anti-mosquito